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About Krebbers Associates N.V. [ Krebbers]

 Krebbers Associates N.V. is incorporated in 1986 as a project development company and a real estate company.

Krebbers is still involved in project development and real estate management and sales.

Projects as Harbor View and Mary’s Fancy are managed by Krebbers.

We are of course doing all the sales in the projects we are managing and if requested we sell also for clients in the rental business or third parties.

We are strongly represented in the rental market not only for clients that buy in our development projects as an investment and want to have the place rented and managed but also for third parties.

We are strong in the project development and sales market and successful in the rental market.

If you want any information please contact us at info@krebbers.sx or at krebberssxm@gmail.com

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