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Harbour View – Lots For Sale available !

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Harbour View is strategically situated next to the Vineyard Building at the road to the Harbour in Philipsburg. Various companies have their main offices at Harbour View:
– The Obersi group with Xerox and Cable company WTN
– SVBZ , lawfirm of VanEps Kunneman en Van Doorne, BDO accountants
– Department of Education
– The Cabinet of the Governor of Sint Maarten
– Windward Roads
– Lawfirm Lexwell
– Standard Trust Company



Harbour View, Lots:             

–          various lots for sale

–          7 commercial lots

–          6 residential lots

–          Sizes: commercial lots > between 1159 and 1446m2

–          Prizes: commercial lots> between      U$D 272.000,= and U$D 375.000,=

–          Sizes: residential lots> between 1181m2 and 1384m2

–          Prizes: residential lots> between         U$D 238.500,= and U$D 278.000,=


Description of the different lots:

The A lots are 100% commercial and are all sold.

Contribution to the Association is currently U$ 6.780,= per year

The B lots are 100% residential lots; still a few available

Contribution to the Association is currently U$ 1.695,= per year

The C lots are a combination of commercial & residential

Contribution to the Association is currently U$ 5.085,= per year


See enclosed map and photos .

below you will find a list with prices and more details about the lots

Lot prices Yearly
Lot# Lotsize Meet Association Price
M2 brief# Fees US$
12A 1600 of 168/1989 (remlands)   $6,780 $301,858
20C 1233 429/1997   $5,085 $375,000
21C 1159 431/1997   $5,085 $272,375
22C 1216 433/1997 $5,085 $285,225
24C 1200 439/1997 $5,085 $281,600
25C 1365 438/1997 $5,085 $306,725
27B 1208 432/1997 $1,695 $243,795
28B 1192 430/1997 $1,695 $240,650
29B 1181 428/1997 $1,695 $238,505
30B 1201 424/1997 $1,695 $242,430
31B 1384 425/1997 $1,695 $278,215
32B 1216 426/1997   $1,695 $245,355
Prices are subject to   changes;  please contact our office for   updates/availability!


There are still some commercial lots available. Check the layout displayed on the site for details which lots.
You can build 3 floors/levels on the commercial lots and this can be a combination of office space apartments or just office space only. In the plans you have to ensure that there are enough parking spaces on your property. All the conditions for construction are specified in the planning permit. We have examples of designs just to give you an idea what is possible.

Construction of a house
On several lots houses can be constructed. See enclosed layout with the numbers of the available land. It is very convenient to live in Harbour View as it is close to town. The guardhouse provides security at the entrance; a guard is stationed there 7 days a week from 6pm till 6am.

All lots can be connected to the main sewage system. This relatively new sewage system is operated by the Government. The connection to the system is paid by the various owners of Harbour View and the necessary maintenance is being handled by Windward Roads

The Association of owners
The association of owners takes care of the following;
– Maintenance of the roads
– Street lights for the common areas
– Sewage system
– Security


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